Our bathroom furniture solutions offer numerous advantages thanks to the different composition possibilities.

In terms of aesthetics, the decision to go in one of the two directions completely depends on personal taste in the decoration of the bathroom. When it comes to design planning, both a wall-hung and a leg-mounted bathroom cabinet can accommodate rooms of all shapes and sizes.

At Garbianti we want to share with you the main advantages of our two possibilities in bathroom furniture that we have for you:


Perfect for small bathrooms

The fundamental advantages of suspended bathroom furniture is that they free up a large part of the space, perfect for small bathrooms. In addition, the space that we leave between the sink and the floor, we can take advantage of it to place a storage unit and thus, optimize the space.

Ease of cleaning

Suspended furniture makes cleaning much easier, undoubtedly another of the main advantages, since it allows cleaning the bathroom floor and joints without any difficulty. Passing the broom, the vacuum cleaner or even a robot vacuum cleaner will be easier than with a furniture with legs.

Feeling of lightness

These furniture offer a feeling of lightness, perfect if we want to divert attention to another bathroom furniture or element of it. In addition, it helps to create a feeling of spaciousness.

Ambientes de baño en madrid


Point of attention

Furniture with legs is perfect if we need to create a point of attention in our bathroom, since they have a strong visual presence and take center stage.


Depending on the model, furniture with legs usually have at least three drawers or two wide drawers, so they have more storage space than a suspended bathroom cabinet since they reach the floor.

Support point

Suspended bathroom furniture is anchored to the wall, so a robust wall is needed. In the case of furniture with legs, the support point is distributed between the legs and the wall, so if you don’t have a wall that can hold too much, this will be your right choice.

Suspended bathroom furniture or with legs? Discover our wide range of bathroom design and furniture and get inspired to achieve your dream design.